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The Corporate Law Group engages in a general corporate practice and represents publicly and privately owned companies. The firm also represents many other corporations of all sizes, newly formed businesses, partnerships and joint ventures. Attorneys in the Section frequently handle mergers and acquisitions and negotiate other complex business transactions. They draft commercial documents of various kinds, including stock purchase and sales agreements for closely held corporations, as well as employment and noncompetition agreements.

The Group's work includes Uniform Commercial Code transactions involving the perfection of security interests in property, franchising, equipment leasing, truth-in-lending compliance, entertainment law, intellectual property law and health care law.



Our ability includes, and is not limited to:

+ Asset Purchase agreements
+ Joint Ventures
+ Business Formation
+ Buyouts
+ Contract Review
+ Debt Financing
+ Due Diligence Review
+ Document Review
+ Letters of Interest
+ Mergers & Acquisitions
+ Mezzanine Financing
+ Non-Compete agreements
+ Non-Profits
+ Owners' Agreements
+ Term Sheets
+ Private Equity Financing
+ Venture Capital
+ Private Placement
+ Public Finance

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Corporate Lawyers
Corporate Lawyers
Corporate Lawyers
Mayor Martin O'Malley
Loida Lewis
President William Clinton
Corporate Lawyers
Corporate Lawyers
Corporate Lawyers
President William Clinton
Senator Joseph Biden
Rep. Dick Gephardt
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